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Fernandina Beach, FL Hot tub removal

Fernandina Beach, FL Hot tub removal

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Fernandina Beach, FL Hot tub removal Fernandina Beach, FL Hot tub removal

The homeowners of this backyard space were looking to get rid of their hot tub that they no longer used. They gave Junkluggers of Northeast Florida a call and we quickly provided the owners with a free estimate. Our luggers were on the site in no time to revitalize their space safely and efficiently!


Fernandina Beach, FL Furniture removal in

Fernandina Beach, FL Furniture removal in

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Fernandina Beach, FL Furniture removal in Fernandina Beach, FL Furniture removal in

Our client had just retired and purchased a new beachfront condo, however it came fully furnished. Our client needed to remove the furniture from the previous owner before they could move in themselves! Our luggers efficently removed the old living room furniture our client didn't want, and replaced it with their new furniture. We left the room looking spacious and clean! Junkluggers are who to call when you think of being in need of furniture pick up near me.

Fernandina Beach, FL Junk removal

Fernandina Beach, FL Junk removal

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Fernandina Beach, FL Junk removal Fernandina Beach, FL Junk removal

The luggers arrived to haul various junk for a client in Fernandina Beach. Our luggers removed boxes and furniture and other miscellaneous items from the space, leaving the room looking much cleaner! Get rid of junk with the best junk haul away service in Northeast Florida with Junkluggers!

Dependable Mattress & Junk Removal in Fernandina Beach, FL

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Fernandina Beach’s dependable junk removal company

The Junkluggers of Northeast FL is Fernandina Beach, FL’s leading junk removal provider, offering efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly junk removal services. We provide a variety of services, including appliance removal, e-waste recycling, and even curbside junk pickup for your convenience. Check out some of the expert junk removal services we offer in Fernandina Beach:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup
  • Renovation cleanouts

Is your home or office cluttered? Are you looking for a dependable junk removal company to help you get rid of your unwanted items? Look no further than The Junkluggers of Northeast FL. Contact us today at 1-844-412-0545 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Fernandina Beach, FL and the surrounding areas in Nassau County.

Curbside junk removal company in Fernandina Beach

The team at The Junkluggers of Northeast FL knows how hard disposing of furniture, junk and debris can be. We want to take care of the hard part, offering curbside furniture and junk pickups at your convenience. Leave your items on the curb and we make sure they’re hauled away quickly and efficiently (at a steep discount)! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Book your curbside junk removal in Fernandina Beach today with The Junkluggers of Northeast FL.

Sustainable junk removal services in Fernandina Beach

We are renowned for our eco-friendly services here at The Junkluggers of Northeast FL. Our company mission is to keep 100% of the junk we haul from entering landfills by the year 2025. To accomplish this, our trained professionals work day in and day out to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of our clients’ unwanted items. Plus, we even provide clients with tax-deductible receipts for items we are able to donate. What’s better than that?

When you partner with The Junkluggers of Northeast FL, you can rest assured knowing you’ve partnered with a company who is dedicated to protecting the environment and our local community here in Fernandina Beach. Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule your free junk removal estimate!

E-waste recycling experts serving Fernandina Beach

Are you tired of staring at that clunky computer monitor in your office? Not sure what to do with it? You’re in luck, because The Junkluggers of Northeast FL excels in e-waste recycling. Our reliable team maintains EPA standards and puts your unwanted technology to good use. We collect the following e-waste and so much more:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

Say goodbye to that outdated iPad when you partner with us. Reach out to us today at 1-844-412-0545 or simply click below to schedule your free e-waste recycling estimate in Fernandina Beach, FL and beyond in Nassau County.

Job Stories From Fernandina Beach, FL
Fernandina Beach Yard Debris and Junk removal services

This customer called the JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida at the perfect time! With summer in full swing they wanted their space ready to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. After a patio demolition we removed the concrete pieces and even other supplies from wood to toilets!

Fernandina Beach Yard Debris removal services

This Fernandina Beach homeowner had a landscaper come and clean up their yard. The landscapers cut their lawn as well as a few trees that were on the property. The scraps that were left over from this landscaper job piled up and blocked almost their entire driveway. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida, removed tree branches, leaves, and bags of scraps to be recycled.

Fernandina Beach, Yard Debris Removal services

This Fernandina Beach Homeowner had recently redone the decking throughout their porch. After the work was completed the old wood and materials were left piled up outside of their door. Our Junkluggers picked up all of the wood, taking it off our clients hands.

Fernandina Beach Yard Debris and Junk removal services

This Fernandina Beach home filled their front yard with junk galore! Piles of old trash, building materials, buckets, scrap metal, coolers and even a wagon was sitting curbside. Normal garbage companies would not remove this material, but lucky for our client JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida was here to help! We removed all of the items, recycling what we could and donating the rest.

Fernandina Beach furniture removal service

Our Fernandina Beach clients were very excited to be getting brand new furniture in their home! However they needed someone to come by and get rid of their old furniture that was taking up space. They called JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida because they knew we could remove the items quickly and we would find them a new home! 

Fernandina Beach, FL junk removal service

This Fernandina Beach home had cleaned out their home as well as attic. A large pile of boxes upon boxes of junk was removed from their home and set in the driveway. Struggling to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the cardboard they contacted The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida! We removed the pile of boxes from their driveway in one short afternoon.

Fernandina Beach furniture removal service

This house had some items of furniture they no longer needed! Instead of throwing them away to be put in a landfill they called us-The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida! We removed a couple of dining room chairs and a mattress as well!

Fernandina Beach, FL furniture removal

This couple had decided to transform their home into a rental property. In order to do so they had to clear out the existing furniture and items and dispose of them. Luckily for them the Junkluggers of Northeast Florida provided them with a quick, no cost estimate and removed the furniture fast!

Fernandina Beach Hot Tub removal service

This Hot Tub had been getting in the way of our clients space for multiple months now. It was no longer working and needed to be removed as soon as possible! Piece by piece we took apart the large appliance and recycled all of the materials.

Fernandina Beach, FL

This yard and garage needed to be cleaned up. The garage was full of old furniture, cushions and other tools. The outside couch also had to be taken out of the space, and we were able to donate it to a new family!

Jacksonville FL, Mattress removal

A local couple called The Junkkluggers of NorthEast Florida when they needed a hand removing two matresses. Unable to do so themselves, our crew removed the mattresses in less than two hours!

Jacksonville Florida, Property Management

Our friends at the Dollar General gave us a call concerned about the waste behind their store. We provided them with a no cost estimate and arrived shortly after to start the removal. The space was full of trash, old furniture, and supplies from the store. Our luggers completely transformed the space removing all of the waste in the area.

Jacksonville, Fl. Storage Unit clean out

Our client had a storage unit filled with miscellaneous items and junk. The storage unit could no longer be used due to the large amount of clutter. Our team of luggers arrived at the storage unit and cleared the space. Leaving only the client's personal items such as family photos.

Fernandina Beach, FL Furniture removal

After retiring our client made the move from his house to a condo on the beach! The condo was fully furnished and our client needed to get rid of the previous owner's furniture. After contacting us at Junkluggers of Northeast Florida, we headed to the space. We were able to successfully remove all of the furniture and make room for our client to enjoy a relaxing retirement.

Amelia Island, FL Garage clean out

This client hired us to clean out his garage in order to make more space. We were able to take everything away for him in under an hour, including a large refridgerator. The client was especially thrilled to have his garage back in time for the summer months!