Before and After Pictures from Duval County
Atlantic Beach, FL Mattress removal

Atlantic Beach, FL Mattress removal

Before After
Atlantic Beach, FL Mattress removal Atlantic Beach, FL Mattress removal

Our client needed their bedroom cleaned out. Junkluggers of Northeast Florida arrived and removed the bed frames as well as the matresses. Mattresses are difficult and unwieldy to transport in regular vehicles which is why Junkluggers and our specialty trucks are here to help!

Jacksonville, Fl Garage clean out in

Jacksonville, Fl Garage clean out in

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Jacksonville, Fl Garage clean out in Jacksonville, Fl Garage clean out in

The luggers cleaned out many items from our clients garage, from potted plants to furniture to pieces of junk! They opened up so much more usable space by removing unwanted items and sending them to be donated and recycled. 

Atlantic Beach, FL Heavy Junk Removal

Atlantic Beach, FL Heavy Junk Removal

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Atlantic Beach, FL Heavy Junk Removal Atlantic Beach, FL Heavy Junk Removal

Looking to clean out his office, this client needed a filing cabinet removed. Unfortunately the cabinet was too heavy for him to lift himself. He gave Junkluggers of Northeast Florida a call and we were able to take the filing cabinet off his hands in under an hour. 

Expert Junk Removal Services in Duval County, FL

Duval County’s dependable junk removal company

The Junkluggers of Northeast FL is Duval County, FL’s leading junk removal provider, offering efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly junk removal services. We provide a variety of services, including appliance removal, e-waste recycling, and even curbside junk pickup for your convenience. Check out some of the expert junk removal services we offer in Duval County:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup
  • Renovation cleanouts

Is your home or office cluttered? Are you looking for a dependable junk removal company to help you get rid of your unwanted items? Look no further than The Junkluggers of Northeast FL. Contact us today at 1-844-412-0545 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Duval County, FL.

Sustainable junk removal services in Duval County

We are renowned for our eco-friendly services here at The Junkluggers of Northeast FL. Our company mission is to keep 100% of the junk we haul from entering landfills by the year 2025. To accomplish this, our trained professionals work day in and day out to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of our clients’ unwanted items. Plus, we even provide clients with tax-deductible receipts for items we are able to donate. What’s better than that?

When you partner with The Junkluggers of Northeast FL, you can rest assured knowing you’ve partnered with a company who is dedicated to protecting the environment and our local community here in Duval County. Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule your free junk removal estimate!

E-waste recycling experts serving Duval County

Are you tired of staring at that clunky computer monitor in your office? Not sure what to do with it? You’re in luck, because The Junkluggers of Northeast FL excels in e-waste recycling. Our reliable team maintains EPA standards and puts your unwanted technology to good use. We collect the following e-waste and so much more:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

Say goodbye to that outdated iPad when you partner with us. Reach out to us today at 1-844-412-0545 or simply click below to schedule your free e-waste recycling estimate in Duval County, FL.

Job Stories From Duval County, FL
Jacksonville, FL Garage clean out

Our client's garage was full of old furniture, plants, and junk that was no longer needed. The client gave us a call and we were happy to get the job done! Our crew arrived and completely cleared out the garage, making room for their vehicles. Many of the items were donated to local charities, and the rest was removed responsibly!

Atlantic Beach, FL. Mattress Removal

Our client's bedroom was full of clutter and furniture that was no longer in use. They needed it cleaned out quickly, so they gave us a call! Junkluggers of Northeast Florida provided them with a free estimate and arrived the following day to complete the job. The bed frames and mattresses were removed and donated to one of our partner charities.

Jacksonville Fl. Office Cleanout

Our client needed his office space in Jacksonville cleared out quickly. The office had to be cleaned up in order to make room for a new tenant. The space had multiple roooms filled with tables, desks, chairs, boxes, and lots of junk! Our client didn't have the time or resources to do the job by themselves.

After a free no-obligation estimate, we were ready to transform this office space. We wanted to ensure the entire office was cleaned up without having our client lift a finger!

Our luggers arrived at the scene the next day. It took multiple trucks and crew members, but the job was done efficiently in the time slot provided. The office was cleaned up in just one afternoon! After finishing the job we not only recycled most of the unwanted junk but we donated a multitude of the furniture to a nearby charity.

Jacksonville Florida, office cleanout

Our client had recently transferred from one office to another, and transported lots of boxes, waste, and supplies with him in the move. They needed the office cleaned up so they could start working as soon as possible. We were happy to help dispose of the junk in an eco-friendly way!

Jacksonville Fl. Appliance removal

Our client is completing a rennovation of their house, and re-doing their kitchen. They needed their old fridge removed and out of the space. Not only did we efficently remove the fridge, but we also donated it to be used again by another local family.

Furniture Removal in Jacksonville, FL

Our client needed their large sectional couch removed out of their apartment. We received a call and removed the old furniture, donating it to a local charity.

Jacksonville, FL. Estate cleanout

Our customer called The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida for help cleaning out their apartment. Everything in this one bed room apartment needed to be removed, from desks, couches, beds, cabinets and lots more! We were happy to handle this job.

Jacksonville, FL. Junk Removal

Our client had all kinds of junk that had piled up in his driveway. it all needed to be cleaned up and taken away. The pile of junk had an old refrigerator, a skateboard, cement blocks, clothes and many other items that were no longer in use. We loaded everything into our truck and found the items a new home.

Atlantic Beach, FL. Junk Removal

Our client was cleaning their office and needed an old filing cabinet removed. This large fire proof cabinet was too heavy for them to lift themselves. After scheduling an appointment with us, we were on site the same day. Our Luggers got the cabinet out of our client's way in less than an hour!

Atlantic Beach FL. Garage clean out

This customer had loads of junk accumulated in their garage. It was full of old couch cushions, a large outdoor umbrella, as well as a humidifer. Their garage also had an old cabinet that needed to be removed. We completed the job in under two hours!

Atlantic Beach, FL. Furniture removal

Our client needed a large desk removed from their home that they no longer needed. We provided them with a free estimate and scheduled an appointment the next day to have the appliance removed.

Atlantic Beach FL. Garage clean out

Our client had piles of miscellaneous junk in their garage. Ranging from old boxes, containers, movies, hockey sticks, and even a dog crate. Their garage was no longer of use due to all of the accumulated junk. We arrived on-site and cleared the entire garage!

Jacksonville, FL Garage clean out

The luggers removed lots of boxes, furniture, old electronics and miscellaneous junk from this garage cleanout appointment. These materials were no longer needed, and using Junkluggers to responsibly dispose of them freed up so much space!

Atlantic Beach, Fl House clean out

Our client was prepping to move out of their house and needed it cleaned out. Our luggers came to the site and cleared multiple bags of junk as well as several rooms of boxes as well as furniture.

Jacksonville, Florida Hot tub removal

Wanting to transform their outdoor space, our clients called the JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida for some help. We arrived the following day and cleaned out the space in just one afternoon! No matter what the job is Junkluggers of Northeast Florida can handle it!

Jacksonville, FL. Furniture Removal

Our clients needed to clean out several dresses in their house. Unable to move the heavy pieces themselves they called us and we were happy to help!

Atlantic Beach, Fl estate clean out

Ready to move on to the next chapter of their life, our clients needed their home cleaned out to get ready to sell. Having lived in the home their entire life, the space was completely full of junk and other items. Our luggers provided the home owners with a no cost estimate and removed rooms of items to clear the house!

Jacksonville FL, Dumpster clean out

A dumpster in Jacksonville was crowded by various bulk items that were thrown out. Our luggers removed the old furniture and mattresses, and waste from the site!

Jacksonville FL, Furniture removal

This family was moving to a new house in a different location, needing to move all of their stuff fast they gave our luggers a call. We removed all of the furniture and cabinets around the house.

Jacksonville, FL Estate clean out

This entire house was full of various junk. The junk had accumulated that almost every room was full. In addition to junk we also removed furniture and appliances.

Atlantic Beach FL, junk removal

Our clients needed someone to clean their space fast and in short notice! Luckily they gave us a call and we were happy to get their dirty work done. After providing them with a free estimate we removed loads of boxes and junk around the house.

Jacksonville Fl, junk removal

Our client called us needing someone to remove various furniture and items from this home. We arrived at the house the next day and picked up the ideas the same afternoon.

Atlantic beach, junk removal

Summer is the perfect time to do some cleaning! That is just what are clients were thinking when they gave us a call. We provided them with a free estimate then arrived to get the job done. In addition to bags of junk we also loaded furntiure and other items.

Jacksonville Florida office clean out

This office was up for lease and needed to be cleared out for the new tenant. Full of multiple desks, chairs, and cabinets our team of luggers had a big job ahead of us! We were able to clear the space in one afternoon, leaving the newn tenant plenty of time to move in.

Neptune Beach, FL, Furniture Removal

The luggers removed lots of furniture from this apartment. New tenants were moving into the space so all of the furniture had to go! We loaded up cabinets, beds, chairs and many other items.

Jacksonville, FL Junk Removal Services

In order to get ready for a home renovation, this client called The JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida for assistance. This one story home had multiple bedrooms full of furniture that needed to be removed, as well as their kitchen, living room and garage! Our trucks were full of items after we successfully cleaned out this house!

Jacksonville Beach, Garage Cleanout

Our client had many construction supplies taking up space in their garage. From boxes to plywood many items needed to be removed on our trucks! We removed all of the supplies in less than two hours, making it an efficient and effective job!

Yard Debris and garage cleanout service

This client called The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida with a big job! Piles of plywood and old wood from furniture were blocking their garage cabinet. Not to mention boxes of junk and pieces of gym equipment and even an old baby pool needed to be removed from the space. 

Neptune Beach FL, Yard Debris removal service

After removing part of their fence lots of old wood and supplies were lying in our clients yard. The wood needed to be cleared out so that the yard could be used again for their kids to run and play in!

Jacksonville Florida, Garage cleanout

This couple located in Jacksonville Florida was looking for the perfect company to remove some junk that had been sitting in their garage space. After they saw our sign they gave JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida a call! With a no cost estimate, and great customer service it was a easy decision for this client. We removed A large TV, boxes, old cabinets and other equipment.

Atlantic Beach FL, furniture removal service

This client had been waiting patiently for a new couch! It finally came in, and they had to get rid of their old furniture quickly in order to replace it. They called us at the JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida to take away the couch fast, we provided them with a free estimate and took the old couch to a charity after it was removed.

Jacksonville Florida, Garage cleanout

Our client had been using their garage as an at-home gym and even a storage unit! The space was full of boxes and large cabinets full of old clothing and various items from their home. The garage was also home to weights, a workout bench, and other exercise equipment. The JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida were happy to remove the junk and return the garage to a clean space!

Home and office cleanout

Our client was doing some winter cleaning and needed our help removing rooms of files, books, office supplies and other junk that had been cramping their space!

Construction material & junk removal service

One of our local businesses had recently done some renovating to their store front. Multiple pieces of large wood and planks were sitting on the curb. Not only were these materials an eye sore, but they also were taking up space.

Jacksonville Fl, Garage cleanout service

Our client's garage had served as a multi-purpose room for their kids. The small space was full of couches, tables, and other appliances that needed to be removed, in order to return the garage to its original use. The JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida removed everything in one afternoon.

Storage unit cleanout services

This jacksonville client had used their storage unit as a file cabinet for years. Years worth of files had accumulated and the unit was full of boxes upon boxes of old papers that were no longer in use. The called Junkluggers of Northeast Florida because they knew we specialized in environmentally friendly junk removal.

Jacksonville FL, Yard Debris removal service

This home located in Jacksonville Beach had just had their hedges and large trees removed from their front yard. The branches and other debris from the lawn service were left sitting in their yard. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida removed the branches and other items quickly!

Jacksonville Fl, Garage cleanout service

Just in time for the holidays, our client located in Jacksonville Florida needed to clean out their garage. Throughout the decades the family had lived in their house the garage had slowly began to fill boxes and other materials. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida quickly removed all of the Junk and recycled it!

Jacksonville Fl, Garage cleanout service

Our Jacksonville client had just moved into his new house. In the process of moving all of his boxes had been piled up in the garage. Eventually the garage was filled with boxes and they needed to be removed. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida recycled all of the boxes, leaving the garage clean!

Jacksonville FL, junk removal service

This local business had a large shipment of equipment coming in to their warehouse. After unloading the materials they were left with piles of boxes and garbage that needed to be removed. The Junkluggers of northeast Florida removed all of the clutter, allowing their business to run even smoother!

Jacksonville Florida Yard Debris removal service

After a large thunderstorm, the yard of this Jacksonville home had become covered in branches and debris from trees. They called The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida and we removed all of the debris and cleaned up the front yard!

Jacksonville FL, junk removal service

This Jacksonville Family was doing some cleaning before the new year! Lots of old items that had been discarded had been piling up in their home for years. We cleaned out the items which consisted of furniture, bikes, and old appliances such as vacuums.


Junk removal services, Jacksonville Florida

This home had cleaned out their yard, garage, and multiple rooms inside. With no where to put the items all of the junk had to be removed quickly by our Luggers. We loaded everything into our green trucks and headed off!

Jacksonville Florida, Yard Debris removal

This Jacksonville home had been victim to some of Florida's harshest weather conditions. The winds that followed the storms caused branches and large pieces of trees to fall all over their yard. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida removed the debris and cleaned up their yard.

Jacksonville Beach FL, Junk removal services

Undergoing a renovation is a lot of work and a lot of mess! This home in Jacksonville beach had taken up some flooring and removed cabinets and other appliances in their home. The result was an endless mess of debris and scraps that needed to be disposed of responsibly. The owners had received our contact information and called us to get the job done fast and safely!

Jacksonville Beach FL, garage cleanout service

Our clients garage had become a storage space within the last couple of months. Within it were old building materials, crates and fans. The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida donated what they could from the unit and recycled the rest!

Jacksonville Beach Yard Debris and Junk removal

This Jacksonville beach homeowner had decided to revamp their yard space and garage over the holiday season! They uprooted large plants and bushes. Not to mention many items such as old coolers, chairs, and even scraps of tables. Our crew removed the items fast and safely.

Jacksonville FL, junk removal services

This Jacksonville business had a storage room that had not been organized in years. The room itself was full of not only garbage but loads of junk from throughout the years. The JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida removed desks, chairs, couches, Fridges, and lots of other kinds of miscellaneous items from American Flags to Televisions. Our crew removed everything from the sight and loaded it up.

Jacksonville FL, appliance removal service

This Jacksonville company had multiple large industrial sized freezers that needed to be cleared from the space. The JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida arrived on site after providing a free estimate. Despite the large size of the appliances our crew of luggers was able to get them out of the kitchen in one short afternoon! Our favorite part of the job is being able to recycle the junk we remove... and we did just that with these freezers, giving them to another local company.

Jacksonville FL, estate cleanout service

Before spring is in full swing, our customer decided it was time to renovate their space! Their multi-bedroom home was full of old furniture, cabinets, mattresses, tables and more! This was a two truck job, as the JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida removed rooms full of items into the truck. Our local charity partner was thrilled to help find the furniture and household objects a new home.

Jacksonville FL, garage cleanout

Our clients Jacksonville garage was full of old appliances and furniture they were no longer using in there house. Such as an old antique cabinet, filing cabinets, bricks and loads of junk. We removed everything leaving our clients happy and their space clean!

Jacksonville FL, estate cleanout service

This Jacksonville home had a room full of furniture, boxes, junk, and even a scooter or two! They also had a closet full of clothing items they had sorted through and decided to donate. Our crew of Junkluggers removed both the furniture and the clothing from the space and donated it to our local goodwill.

Jacksonville Beach FL, furniture removal

This Jacksonville client had begun spring cleaning in their home. They decided to get rid of cabinets, desks, and other large items in their home. Without the proper equipment to move it themselves it had been sitting in their home. We got a phone from the homeowners asking for our help! We arrived to the home after providing a free estimate. All of the large items were removed in under an hour!

Jacksonville FL, Furniture removal

Our Jacksonville client was in major need of some spring cleaning! They had multiple pieces of furniture such as tables, couches, and cabinets that needed to be taken out of their space. Our team of expert JunkLuggers received a call from the couple and provided them a free estimate of the job cost before scheduling a time for the removal. The removal was done in just one morning.

Jacksonville FL, Furniture removal

These Jacksonville homeowners had rooms full of old furniture that were outdated and needed to be removed. The living room had multiple couches, tables, cabinets and other pieces of large furniture. The job was much too big for our clients, but luckily for them The JunkLuggers could handle it! We cleared the entire home of unwanted furniture.

Jacksonville FL, attic cleanout service

When your house runs out of storage space and room for junk most people turn to their attic! But what happens when your attic fills up... You call the JunkLuggers of Northeast Florida! This Jacksonville homeowner needed our help cleaning out their cluttered attic that was full of boxes of old items, furniture and files. We loaded everything up and cleared the space!

Jacksonville FL, Furniture removal

The Junkluggers of Northeast Florida can clean out storage units too!! Our client called us hoping to get some help removing old couches and various furniture that had been sitting in their storage unit after years of no use. We arrived at the site and took two couches and ottomans off their hands.

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